Silke Schneider with Juanita (left) and Lucy (right).
Painting by Gay Myers Scheibl
Joe (Goode)
Rin Tin
Aussie Freshwater Crocodile, Geikie Gorge, Australia
Silke & Richard with Jerry & Doretta Thompson and Dave Remely, Silver City NM
Ben Wilder
Robert A. Villa serenading greatest grandfather, near Caborca, Sonora MX
Iris Rodden with organ pipe cactus
Jim Verrier, Meadow Creek, Pinos Altos Mts, NM
Jim Malusa
Nipa (Distichlis palmeri) at Río Colorado delta with Alejandra Calvo-Fonseca
and Eduardo Soto-Montoya.
Gabriel Feldman collecting Big Sacaton plants, McCauley Ranch near Silver City NM
Chelsea Rittchen with home-grown food, Silver City NM
Xavi Khera, Silver City NM
Tsama Parsons-Pineda with Apache redgrass & Big Sacaton for Mimbres planting, NM
Jane Spinti, Silver City, NM
Andrew Dahl-Bredine & Gregg Dugan with Apache redgrass plants, Silver City NM
Ann Hedlund & Rosa—Lake Roberts NM

Kelly Kindscher and ponderosa friend

Mark A. Dimmitt with adenium "Red Ruby," Tucson AZ
Sula Vanderplank, La Paz, Baja California Sur
Peter Blystone, Gila Bend AZ
Sue Carnahan
Exequiel Ezcurra,
Isla San Pedro Mártir, Sonora MX
Ferocactus wislizeni, Tucson Mountains
Cathy Moser Marlett—Punta Chueca, Sonora
Stephen A. Marlett—Punta Chueca, Sonora
José Jesús Sánchez Escalante and Gloria Guadalupe Morales Figueroa
Left to right: José Luis León de la Luz, Richard Felger, and Sula Vanderplank with Pachycereus pringli
Ann Winston with redgrass & Big Sacaton feast, Silver City NM
Rob Winston, Silver City NM
Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta, Río Colorado delta
Gary Paul Nabhan
Angela Flanders
Dalychampia scandens, Nacapule Canyon - photo by Sue Carnahan
Elroy Limmer, Silver City NM
Andrew Salywon
Jeff Pralle, Silver City NM
Adrienne Booth, New Crops outreach event, Silver City NM
Kyle Meredith & Josh Reeves, Silver City NM

Gabriel Feldman

Alberto Búrquez-Montijo & Angelina Martinez-Yrizar

Carianne Sienna Funicelli Campbell and Richard Felger, Cañón del Nacapule,

Sonora MX

Jim Verrier

(photo by Sue Carnahan)

Russ Kleinman and Timmy

Troy Gillenwater (left), Gil Gillenwater (right), and friends. Hidden Falls, Tibet

Izuru "Izzy" Hino and Gil Gillenwater

Sharman Apt Russell

Quanbun Downs, Australia

Richard with Gregg Dugan at

The Commons, Silver City NM

Silke Schneider and baobab in the Kimberly, Australia

Wade Sherbrooke, Agua Verde, Baja California Sur MX 

Echinocactus polycephalus and Richard Laugham

Jane R. Evans,

Sierra Anchas AZ

Gene Joseph with Aloe dichotoma, Tucson AZ

Richard E. Schultes,

vision circle, Isla Tiburón

James Aronson with Suaeda divaricata, Argentina, one of the only

chenopod trees

Luis Maaso

Kirsten Nicole Lake, Mt. Lemmon AZ

Repetek Biosphere Reserve, Karakum Desert

Douglas fir with Bill Norris, Dorea Kleker & Ed Gilbert, Russ Kleinman, Leith Young, and Patrick Alexander

at Sandy Point, Mogollon Mountains, NM

Wendy Hodgson at the Grand Canyon.

right, pressing agaves

Isla Tiburón, Mexico

Silke Schneider and termite nest,

the Kimberly, Australia

Steve Black and Jim Malusa, 2018. Cycling to Gila Cliff Dwellings NM

Brad Lancaster giving a presentation at The Commons: Center for Food Security and Sustainability in Silver City NM

Sharman Apt Russell and friends

Sophia Jemila Bowart, Ralph Neil Logan III, and Ona Kiah Luvina Logan-Bowart. Farm Center, Kapaau, Hawaii

Bob Bezy with a

monitor lizard in Namibia

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